‘Asha Ki Kiran’ Outreach Camp for The Treatment of Congenital Disorders held quarterly at Delhi

Dr. Dilip Soni

Dr Dilip Soni is a renowned Homoeopathic Physician practising at Jaipur, India. He completed his BHMS from Rajasthan University in the year 2000 with distinction. He is also a distinction holder at SCPH Plus, Mumbai. He has various years of experience in handling a wide variety of cases including congenital disorders, complicated cases and emergency medicine. He has been instrumental in resolving numerous critical and hopeless cases. He is voracious reader, a great teacher, an eminent speaker and a proficient researcher known best for his rational thinking and zeal to share his vast knowledge. He is highly admired by everyone and has a humorous way of communicating and teaching. He is lovingly known by his fellow homeopathic doctors as ' THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HOMOEOPATHY'.
Dr Dilip Soni is an excellent academician and has numerous publications in various journals He has also been a speaker at various national and international seminars.
Besides this he takes keen interest in outreach camps for treatment of Congenital Disorders treating those cases which generally people consider as incurable.

  • The Golden Thread of Homoeopathic Medicine Volume 1, published in the year 2019, by B. Jain Publishers (P) LTD.
  • The Golden Thread of Homoeopathic Medicine Volume 2
  • Homeo-Endocrinology
  • Homoeo-Genetics
  • Visible control by the Invisible
  • We believe in the “Limitless Scope of Homoeopathy’, Homoeopathy has the capacity to treat any incurable disease.
  • We use the Hahnemannian method of Homoeopathy.
  • Our treatment is result oriented.
  • We use the best quality of medicines available.
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